Young People's Stories

Very reserved young person (YP), lacked confidence & self-esteem, with help from her support worker she became a confident, bubbly, young lady & went on to study at Brighton University. She was also supported in finding private rented accommodation in Brighton.

Was very depressed, suicidal, tried to take his own life numerous times, went on to successfully live in independent accommodation.

Damaged numerous properties, taking apart piping etc, always in trouble with the Police, complaints from neighbours, moved on to maintaining a very clean & tidy flat, stayed out of trouble & settled down with his girlfriend & child.

Smoked a lot of cannabis on a daily basis, very low in moods, lacked motivation, had anger issues, did not engage with SS, developed a good Relationship with his support worker, engaged in CFSL life skills programme, cut down on smoking, attended training courses, went on to obtain a council property.

Young lad, was in a relationship with his care worker, lot of emotional & Psychological issues, had trouble with his neighbours, risk of getting an ASBO, heavy drinker, and moved to Birmingham property with CFSL. Received intense support, turned life around, stopped drinking, developed good relationship with neighbours, and got a focus on life.

Was a Very withdrawn Young Person, did not leave his flat, now attending training course in hairdressing.

Came to CFSL straight from prison, we were told she would not last more than 6 weeks & would return to prison as this was the pattern in the past, was a high risk YP, classed as 2-1 due to attacking staff previously, history of arson, was in a very violent relationship, developed excellent relationship with support worker & staff at CFSL, was no longer classed as a risk, engaged very well in support, got out of relationship & has not been in a violent relationship since, went on to move in to council accommodation.

Did not engage with other agencies, had a very bad relationship with his previous support worker. With support from Care First Support Worker, she obtained a council property & started at college. She also changed her attitude towards people around her- more positive & friendly & less aggressive.




"I would like to express my appreciation for all the support and work you have offered Jennifer to date you have been very clear and consistent in your communication with this service which has enable this case to progress and be monitored effectively... i also believe the support you have offered around education has been beneficial for Jennifer..."

Social worker Birmingham
Leaving Care

"Can you please note to your immediate manager that I am very pleased with the service and professionalism to bring to your with the above young man. It is very encouraging to work with staff with your level of commitment; you understand the value of working together with other agencies for the benefit of young people"

Resettlement Worker central youth offending team Birmingham